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Isabella Roland, "An amazing person" - herself, is Claudia Rapaport's daughter! She plays Carla in the HBOMax series "The Sex Lives of College Girls." She also appears regularly in CollegeHumor and Dropout and played Ostentatia Wallace in the Dimension 20 series "The Seven." She has developed shows at NBCUniversal, Hartbeat Productions, Comedy Central Digital, Snapchat and Facebook Watch.

Claudia Lonow Rapaport, AKA The "Princess of Comedy" - herself, is a show runner, television writer, actress and director. She created the fabulous shows Rude Awakening, Good Girls Don'tAccidentally On Purpose and How To Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life). She starred as Diana Fairgate on hit soap opera, Knots Landing. Her short films have been featured in many international film festivals. You can also buy weird headshots of hers on eBay.

Iz & Claud: Bio
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